Easy and Accurate Watering

Wine bottle stakes

Plastic bottle stakes

Open-topped bottle stakes

Fluted glass globes

Plant Nanny stakes release water slowly beneath the soil surface near the plant’s root system. Subsoil watering promotes deeper and hardier root development than surface watering which often does not penetrate far enough into the soil mass.

They work with upcycled wine bottles, plastic bottles, or our hand-blown fluted glass reservoirs. Water release remains steady as long as there is water in the reservoir. The exact period of watering time will vary due to the type of soil and size of the plant, its exposure to direct sunlight, as well as the surrounding level of ambient humidity. With Plant Nanny products you can readily see when you need to add more water. Larger reservoirs will extend the time between waterings.

The range of Plant Nanny products covers a wide variety of plant sizes, containers, locations, and water reservoir types.

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