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DescriptionRecycle a wine bottleRecycle a wine or plastic bottleAdjustable Recycle a plastic bottleRecycle a plastic bottleQuick Connect Recycle a plastic bottleEZ Fill open top plastic bottle12oz globe and stake set24 oz globe and stake set
Bottle size 750 or 1500 mlup to 2000 ml (64 oz)500-1000 ml 500-1000 ml 500-1000 ml 500-2000 mlnone required none required
Adapter providednone requiredQuick Connect for plastic bottlesQuick Connect for plastic bottlesBottle thread fitQuick Connect for plastic bottlesnone requirednone requirednone required
Approximate watering time7-10 days (750 ml)7-10 days (750 ml)5 days per 500 ml5 days per 500 ml 5 days per 500 ml 5 days per 500 ml4-5 days8-10 days
Plant sizemedium to largemedium to largemedium to largesmall to mediummedium to largemedium to largesmall to mediummedium to large
Hanging basketsindoors / shadeindoors / shade
Container gardens
House plants
Patio plants
Garden plants
Commentslarger duration with larger bottles larger duration with larger bottles Click and Set adjustable flow adapteruse smaller bottle for smaller plantsbottle thread does not matter bottle thread does not matterstake includedstake included
Product codesRWB1-4 single
RWB4-4 4-pack
QPWB1-4 single
QPWB4-4 4-pack
APB1-4 single
APB4-4 4-pack
RPB1-4 single
RPB4-4 4-pack
QPB1-4 single
QPB4-4 4-pack
PST3-4 3-pack8114-1-4 aqua
8115-1-4 green
8116-1-4 blue
8118-1-4 clear
8125-1-4 green
8126-1-4 aqua
8128-1-4 clear

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