About Plant Nanny

The Plant Nanny Company was founded in 2012 with the goal of making attractive products to help you easily grow and maintain healthier plants. Our products are designed for all who appreciate being surrounded by plants, both indoors and out. Our unique terracotta stakes slowly release water directly to the plant’s roots, where it’s most needed. Designed to work with recycled wine bottles, recycled plastic bottles or our hand-crafted glass globe reservoirs.  Always striving to achieve the fine balance between visual appeal and functionality, Plant Nanny products help plants flourish with less work.

About Us

The Plant Nanny Company is an enthusiastic and talented team of people working in Product Design & Development, Sales & Marketing, Quality Control and Customer Support.  We are dedicated to providing inspiring products, exceptional customer service and high attention to detail.

Founder and CEO Paul Natkiel trained at the University of Iowa in art and ceramic design, and has a passion making functional objects that are also beautiful. This commitment to making practical items elegant has been widely recognized through representation in invitational craft shows, as well as museum exhibitions. His work is included in the National Collection of Fine Arts at the Smithsonian Museum. Paul believes that living with plants makes our environment healthier and our lives richer.

Plant Nanny Facts

  • Plant Nanny Headquarters is located in the heart of New England
  • Our products are crafted in hand-picked production facilities in China
  • Industry leader in terracotta stake watering technology
  • #1 Bestseller in Amazon.com’s ‘Gardening Pots, Planters & Accessories’ category